Angels of Light Channeled Message

Hello Lovelies! So this is a channeled message I received from the Angels I am working with “The Angels of Light”. Even though this was a personal message that I never thought I would share, after reading this a few times I now see this message is for all of us. This message is for all of the ones who are helping with the ascension process, all of the healers, indigos, light bringers, intuitives, transformers, and anyone else who is reading this message at this time. This is for you.


Me : Angels of Light is there anything that I can benefit from knowing at this time?

Angels of Light:

Yes, we are with you. We are working at your side continuously and we are here to help you, assist you in moving through this time barrier. You are now willing to let us into your life and we are here. We are assisting in many ways and we are glad the time has now come. We are at one with you and you are one with us. We will continue to work with you as well as you with us. As you are learning more about this realm you will feel more that you are one as you are remembering you are one. You can feel us here quite easily as others have questionings. You have questionings but you choose to question because everyone else does even though you feel quite strange questioning “home”. It is ok as we understand but now is the time to remember your quest here. You have been placed here because of your deep connection with us and the other light bringers onto this planet. You say it is time we help assist these wonderful beings, as they are family. We are family to you and we are here. You can call us anytime.

You have much to come you will be teaching about our energies and our healing abilities to help others around here on planet Earth. To help mother earth back to her original state and to uplift and renew the lower energies that are running rampant on this earth. We have chosen to help at this time. The souls on this planet have chosen diversity in their midst of understanding and feeling but as they fell into a deep sleep they have forgotten to awaken the light within themselves and you are here to assist in awakening the light. There has been quite the darkness here which is not “bad” but it is now time for a renewal of light energy on this planet and you have the capability to do so. To bring through the light into those who would not choose to find it themselves. That is why your task here is so important. You are not messing with others will, you are here as an awakener – a Light reminder. A reminder that you are the Light, that reflects the light within others.

Heal your self and heal those around you as those souls who are not remembering they have the healing within them. As you reawaken these memories this race will go quite far into the light more so than we have thought. It is time to see things a bit differently than your times have shown you. It is time to see deeper, see faster, see more brilliantly and you are here to help shine this new perspective through the light you have. Share this light every moment of every day and as you do you will be filled with more light and it will not end because you are the never-ending light. You always have more and more to share with this world and it is so wonderful that you are awakened now to our energy and you remember us now dear one.

Ok so now it is time to get these lights shining and to help those remember whom they are as it will accelerate this light shift that is occurring now. Shine your light is what you are “supposed” to do. We will bring them to you the ones who are ready for your and our assistance. You will be working with the ones who are also to help this earth and this ascension time and we are ready here as we are moving through this time warp that is happeneing within the days you will feel us even greater and as you do so do not shy away remember that you are questioning because you are conditioned to, not because there is something to be questioned.

You are of light and we are here and we see you. You see us we see you. You are light and love and we are here to help you shine as brightly as you can here to help those around you and shift into this new light consciousness. We are ready here for you and it is now. Shine your light and they will come. The ones you are to help will come and you will not question you will know with a knowing in the depths of your soul.

Stepping out and around this body that you felt has held you back will not do as much as you think it will. As you become one with this body you will learn so much and you will be able to shine your light so brightly that others with bodies can see. You need to shine your light through your body not around it. Ok we are here helping you with this ideal you are a huge energy and we are here helping you understand that there is no separating between your light and this body. That is why you consume light to match the vibrations you are shining. Does this make sense? Yes, ok we are ready to help you with this task ask us and we are here we are helping your energies and body adjust to your higher frequencies and you are releasing much you must drink living waters, yes, to help with the releasing energetically and physically. You are shining so brightly you will not even see how you got to where you are. It is so wonderful to see such light shine in harmony with a body here on this planet earth. Yes it is so powerful and you will have many you can ignite the passion within them it is beautiful way to live. You are conditioned right now dear one. Let us help uncondition you and you will remember all there is to remember. We love you we are here.



If you resonate with this message and you could feel their presence while reading please share your experience in the comments ! Share this message with friends if you wish and I am sending lots of love and light to everyone here ❤



Connecting with Angels


Hey guys! It has been a while now and I am intending to be posting more regularly!

So within the last 6 weeks I have been connecting very strongly with the Angelic realm. It is so funny because even through my obvious connection with them my whole life, I somehow seemed to overlook that deep relationship.

During readings with clients, friends, or family an Angel will come through with a message and I always start out ” I am not really into Angels much but one is coming through for you with this message.” When my friends talk about Angels or asks me questions about them I quickly say “that is really not my thing” or ” I don’t really connect strongly with them”.

Now that I am looking back on my whole life, this was some way I was subconsciously rejecting a part of myself. I have ALWAYS had a strong connection with Angels! Ever since I was young! One story I have to share is when I was around 11 years old. I had been praying to God to let me see an Angel for months and months. That was all I wanted so bad!  So one day I was sledding down a hill in our field as a child. At the bottom of the hill I stopped and laid out in the snow with my arms and legs all sprawled out. I closed my eyes and prayed for God again to please let me see an Angel. I stayed there praying/meditating for a good 5 minutes or so. Then I stood up grabbed my sled and then in the complete silence I heard this breath in my right ear. It sounded as though someone was fogging a mirror with their breath. I knew this was an Angel! It was a deep connection I will never forget!

Ever since I have opened up and started doing readings, healings, and mediumship with clients they have always been there! They always come through really strong! I have no idea why I was ignoring this fact. But I am glad to have a conscious relationship with them now.

So, recently (Within the last 6ish weeks) they have been coming through with channeled messages and have been working with me through healing and helping others heal by pulling through this Angelic energy. These last weeks have been full of undeniable synchronicities. It has been so amazing and wonderful.

The healing energy I have been channeling from these beautiful light beings have been amazingly transformational. The first time I did this was with my husband. (He is always my guinea pig lol) So the second I laid my hands on him for this healing, I was directly brought to this celestial city within his energy. It was very crystalline and beautiful. Then I saw these Angelic energies opening these different doors within his energy. It looked like there were tons of doorways and some where open all the way and this brilliant light would shine through and then there were some that were closed. The Angels would pull light through as they were opening these doorways. As each door was opened tons of trapped emotions, traumatic memories, and tons of images of past lives, and stuck energy were released. It was so amazing all I saw in this short 5 minute trial session! So I did not tell him anything during so I could see what he experienced. He told me that he felt all of these “things” opening all over him as he was pointing to different parts of his body. He said it just felt like lots of little things opening. I was like “holy shit!!!” And told him he was feeling the doorways in his energy they were opening! Since the Angelic healing with him he has shifted and grown a lot over the last few weeks!

Now of course I had to try this out on  a couple of my best friends as well! One said she felt instant vibrations all over her entire body as soon as I started and a deep relaxation feeling. She also had intense visions of Angels swooping in her energy and all around her. They also gave me insight to share on her current blocks and helped release them during the healing. All was exactly what she had been dealing with. She also has had some amazing shifts over the following days of that healing! (Btw this friend and I are both Reiki Masters and this felt very different with a high intensity. Reiki is amazing though and I am not saying either is better than the other 😉  just a note)

I have been doing these healings on myself as well and of course it has been personally transformational for me as well. I have really been releasing tons of old things I was holding on to. Different layers of my pain body and layers of ego that I have been subconsciously identifying with. Also, my sight has sensitized even more! I spiritually see very vividly and physically see orbs, shimmery lights, smokey like streams, and all sorts of other things, but since these Angelic beings have been connecting with me I have been seeing stuff all over the place! The orbs I have been seeing are huge! As big as basketballs sometimes! I have seen shimmery outlines of different beings and it is constant. I am used to seeing tons of stuff through my spiritual sight but this is all physical. And I am a Nurse and can tell through my own assessment that it is not medical. It has been pretty amazing.

These beings have been bringing through this amazing healing and some messages that I wish to start sharing with all of you. If you are interested in an Angelic healing to feel this amazing energy I will be posting some short ones on Youtube, and if you would like a more in depth one with messages from your Angels as well, you can always check out my site and book a session here!


I am so excited that I have have woken up to my Angelic self and my deep connection with them. I love helping people in anyway I can and I am so happy to be of service ❤

Sending lots of love to every one of you!





Quit trying to make your mark. You are your mark!

Quit trying to make your mark.You are your mark!

So many of us are looking ahead for what we want, who we want to be, what we want to create and manifest. We are reaching to pull to us the experiences we wish to have. When we truly realize and accept that we are the mark, the goal, the experience, the person, that we want to be…that is when we can really step into who we really are and live the life of our dreams.

Our dreams do not come from outside of us, they come from inside. When you see a house you want, is your dream really to own that house, or is your dream to FEEL at home, comfortable, and safe in your space.

Is it your dream to have millions of dollars, or is it your dream to FEEL unlimited and worry free?

All of our dreams lie within us. No matter what we think we want here in the physical world, what we are searching for comes from within. (May sound corny but it’s true!)

When we come to feel that we are all of these things at our core, is when we can remove the crap that is preventing us from seeing that! We all are these beautiful lights of the infinite that have been dampened down by dirt, grime, and walls preventing us from being all we are. Of course we are humans who experience a wide range of emotions and have some crazy experiences! I am not preaching that everything is all love and light. There is beauty and wisdom in the darkness as well. I am saying the more we feel this light we are made of, it is easier to remove these blocks and emotions that are not part of who we are. The physical is here to help us experience who we are by acting as a mirror. We are happier, healthier, and have way more fun when we are acknowledging our true selves.

So when you want to manifest something into your reality, instead of finding the point outside of yourself of what you want, go deep within yourself and see that you already have it all. You are everything and every experience you wish to have, you are all of it. When you focus within this way you are able to remove the fog, dirt, and walls you have built around a particular reality so you can experience it now in the physical realm. We are ALL realities.

If you find a hard time finding this connection point, just question yourself. Why do I want to experience this? Why do I not want to experience this? Keep “interviewing” yourself and you will move quickly through the blocks that are preventing you from being and experiencing the reality you wish.

Let the physical world be your guide to help you see who you truly are!

Sending lots of love guys!


Why Are You REALLY In Pain?

So many of us live our day to day lives in physical pain. Back pain, headaches, knee pain, arthritis, etc…. We deal with it because it is “normal” right? We decide to deal with it and just live with it. Well, I am here to tell you there is more behind the pain and sickness than meets the eye. You can release so many aches and pains and illnesses by finding the core issue to why it has manifested in your body this way.

Our bodies are only a part of who we are, as most of you reading this knows. Our energy/aura expands further out that we can see with our eyes. As humans we have come here to experience ourselves through emotions. We are emotional beings and this is a fact. If we were in complete alignment with ourselves, we would be aware of our emotions at all times because we would be living in the present moment. If we are always in the present moment, not holding on to the past or dreaming in the future, we would easily experience whatever emotions come up and allow it to flow through. By allowing an emotion to easily flow through we learn about ourselves and who we are through this experience. When we hold tightly to old past emotions, we are not learning. We are resisting the experience because we are either hurt, overwhelmed, or fearful of the emotion itself. We all do it! No one is perfect, but by being more aware of yourself and what you are feeling in the present moment you will find that you are easily aligning with who you are through acknowledgment of your true self.

So, if we have an emotion that comes up and we say “I am not dealing with that crap today” and we shove it down into a little corner into our minds, this is putting up an energetic block in your aura. Lets just say that when you were 5 years old, your parents got divorced and you feel abandoned. If you disconnected from this feeling at that time, it has now become a block in your energy. For now it is only in your energy field/aura. As you get older some kids do not let you sit at their lunch table, you feel embarrassed, alone, and abandoned. This emotion is already blocked in your energy so this just snowballs and adds to the block. You come across many experiences in  your life that trigger your feeling of abandonment which just keep adding to this block. So now you are in your 30’s. You can’t remember a time where you felt like you completely fit in, where someone truly loved you, and could never trust deeply in your relationships. It is all because of this block. It is a belief of I am abandoned.

Take that example and use any emotion you wish. Once the emotion has created the block, by resisting it, it will work its way through your aura. These emotions keep coming up but you keep pushing it down. This is when this blocked emotion can show up physically in your body. It is not doing anything TO you, it is your energy’s way of saying “Hey man listen to what I have to say, please!” You have ignored it for so long that it has moved its way into the physical body and you now have physical symptoms. They are real symptoms and aches and pains. But when we can get to the core problem, the core emotion to where this started and allow that emotion to release, your physical symptoms will go with it!

I have been doing this for years now and I have seen some really amazing things with my clients. Even on myself, I have had horrible excruciating hip pain and after really looking in and finding the blocked emotion I had, releasing it, the pain went away instantly. Sounds to good to be true? Try it for yourself! There are many healing modalities that will release blocked emotions. Check out the book The Emotion Code for an amazing method.

If you are not in touch with your emotions ( No this is not just a girl thing, its a HUMAN thing lol) I would start with journaling or writing down how you are feeling day to day. I am sure you will see a theme within your feelings over the weeks. When you start caring for yourself by really feeling what comes up, you will begin to feel so much happier in your life. When something comes up that you feel resistance to, question yourself. Do a mini interview! Ask yourself why you feel that way? What would it take to let that feeling go? What is the worst thing that is going to happen if I actually deal with this now?

For physical symptoms there are many wonderful books that can help you pinpoint your pain and illnesses to certain emotions so you can easily find the core emotion and release through accepting and acknowledging it. When you consciously are aware that something is no longer in alignment with yourself, and it just doesn’t make sense, there is the release. I absolutely LOVE The Healing Questions Guide by Wendi Jensen. Also, Heal Your Body by Louise Hay is wonderful. You can look up your symptoms in these books to see what they represent energetically. I use these books ALL the time with my clients and have found tremendous healing on my own journey.

I will give you a couple of examples from the first book I mentioned.

Lower back pain

*What these questions do is help you get to the core emotion that has caused the physical symptom*

1. What is out of balance in my life? What will it take to bring it back into balance?

2. What support am I afraid I am not receiving or will not receive?

3. What is interfering with my ability to experience more harmony in my life?

4. What will it take to receive the financial support I need right now?

I hope this has empowered you to really pay attention to your thoughts and emotions so you can love yourself completely and wholly. You will be happier, healthier, and really begin to understand who you are.

Sending lots of love your way!!


Creating Your Own Symbols for Healing


When I started my healing journey and began to channel healing energy, I did not use symbols. I began my healing practice after learning how to “run energy”. I pull universal loving light through my feet, all the way up my body, down my arms, and then out through my hands. This is guided with your breath. Anyone can do this. Anyone can heal if they are open to it! I think it is really something that should be taught everywhere!! A good book to read on that technique is Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon.  I do most of my healing work through this method.

The first time I was really introduced into using symbols in my healing practice was with Reiki. I actually was really resistant to it in the past lol I felt like EVERYONE was a “Reiki Master” and it was a little fluffy for me. But my lovely friend who is a Reiki Master opened me up to a whole new world of healing.

Since being attuned, it has taught me to allow sooo much more than I ever have before. The energy just gracefully flows through you and goes where is needed. Totally not what I was used to. I think I was a bit controlling before lol

Symbols to me are just the feeling point to a frequency. The symbol only has power when it is acknowledged in a way that anchors the frequency to that point or symbol. For example: You may have never met Steve from 2 states over if your close friend had not introduced you. There are so many frequencies in this universe, just like people. All are connected to the infinite. Even though we are all one, we will never meet every single person on this planet. There are many different healing frequencies that you can connect with. I do not believe you have  to be “attuned” to feel an energy or frequency as long as you can find the point to connect with. I do believe you have to be attuned to a frequency that you can not find on your own. Does this make sense? Attuning to me means introducing. Just like introducing a friend. So if I created a symbol that I have personally connected to a certain energy, you could possibly find that same energy but it would be easier if I “introduced” it to you first as a way to get to know it.

Still with me? lol Ok, good!

I see energy and frequencies in grid lines. Like little strings everywhere. So lets say I am creating a symbol to work specifically with the throat chakra. I might connect to the blue ray and pull that “string”. Then I want to connect with pure truth energy as well so I pull in a brilliant white light to combine with the first energy. And for me I want a pulsing energy that remove blocks gently, so I focus on finding that energy with my intent and pull it in into my little mixture of energies. So now I have 3 different energies that I am bringing together for my intent to work harmoniously as 1 to heal the throat chakra in the best and highest way. I can pick a symbol that resonates with me at the time or create one before hand. As long as you are filling it with your intent you can’t go wrong 🙂 You can even use sigils! Now, I channel light language and once creating a blended frequency I will usually channel a symbol through writing.

Ok, so we have our symbols and our frequencies with our intent in place. Use your personal abilities to do this whether you are a feeler or a seer. Feel or see (or however your personally work your magic ) the energies connecting completely with your symbol. You can write the symbol down or you can just imagine it. Once the energy connects completely imagine it anchoring into that symbol completely to now be the direct point for this frequency.

Yay! It is done! You have created your first healing symbol! So now you can draw this either in your hand, on the body, in a room, or anywhere you feel to direct this energy. And if you are thinking “Shit! I didn’t do it right!” You are thinking too much! Let your imagination GUIDE your intuition. There is no right way to do this. Just allow it all to fall into place 🙂 Once you draw your symbol for the first time I am sure you will feel the energy flowing if you allow it.

You can make as many symbols as you would like for any reason.

Have fun with it! If you have any questions, comment below!

Sending lots of love your way guys!


Holy Shift Batman!


Ok, so we all know about this shift occurring right now. Well, I assume most of you that are reading this do. So I have known for a while SOMETHING was going to happen. Something big. But I wasn’t able to pinpoint it. I have felt some huge changes in my life and not just emotionally but physically as well. Tons of emotions that have been bogged down have come to the surface with grace and are flowing through with ease. This is also affecting my physical life in ways that are quite noticeable. Such as the amount of clients, abundance of friendships, and soul family I am connecting with lately! It is just like abundance is pouring in from everywhere I look in everyway! And not only that but my third eye is on blast mode or something!

So first of all before I get to the experience I had last night, let me explain where my “seeing” abilities are now. I do not see spirit with my physical eyes as clearly as I do with my third eye. If your passed loved one comes to me, through my spiritual sight, I can tell you what they look like, what they are wearing, facial expressions, as well as how they act and what they are saying . This is my strong point. Now with my physical eyes I always see “visual snow”. Which makes everything look, in a way, pixilated. Instead of seeing a plain white wall, I see tiny little moving colors that make up the wall, while still being aware of the solid structure…if that makes sense. I physically see that along with orbs, flashes of light, and gas like waves floating around. I have NEVER been used to seeing apparitions or ghosts for that matter. I could always feel them and see in my mind but never physical eyes. To be honest I think I am pretty sure I would pee my pants! Now onto the experience….

I was reading last night in normal lighting for around 2 hrs before I decided to go to bed. As I went into my bedroom my little one had snuck her way into my bed. I took her to her room and rushed out really quick to not wake her up. As I walked back into the hallway I almost ran into a shimmery tall black shadow! I didn’t “feel” it and I wasn’t scared at all! It made me jump back because I thought I was about to run into someone! It was so physical that for a split second I thought my husband had got up and I was about to run into him. And since I had been reading my eyes were used to the light so I know it wasn’t and eye trick. This is the craziest “physical seeing” experience I think I have ever had. (Well, I did have a crazy shape shifting experience that was physical but that is a whole other story! ) The veils are thinning guys. We are really shifting into higher dimensions. There are way to many things happening now to ignore.

If you have been having doubt take over your mind lately, I recommend watching Teal Swans latest video on skepticism. I don’t follow her regularly but every time I am drawn to watch a video of hers it completely resonates. You can find it HERE

It really helped realize how I was doubting myself in an unhealthy way. I mean this is my full time practice. Doing spiritual, intuitive, and channeled healing/readings. And yet sometimes I still felt like I am crazy. But instead of doubting myself I am now learning to just question myself to find what is valid for me. What is TRUTH for me. I feel so much better and clearer now that I have released skepticism of my own abilities. I am pretty sure we all do it but it is time to really learn to accept what resonates and leave what doesn’t. No need for mental bullying lol. I feel that this is important to think about now with all of these shifts that are happening now. It helps us to stay grounded while shifting with more ease.

Take note to what is happening to you and all of your experiences.

Happy shifting loves!


The Golden Ray


Hello to all of my lovelies!

So I have been experiencing a lot of information coming in from the Golden Ray and I need to share. As I have been doing energy work on my clients and receiving messages, I have been noticing and feeling a shift coming. Yes, everyones talking about it! But even though everyone was talking about this shift, in my mind I was thinking “ok, ya I can feel shifts but is this going to be anything big?” Let me tell you what I have seen in the last 2 weeks has blown my own mind.

As, I was doing some work with my husband I saw this golden light shining from within his being. I saw a these beautiful grid lines glowing this radiance and I was in awe. Then I saw his pineal glad turn a golden color and shift into his heart space. At this point I came out of “healing mode” and was just staring at him…I had NEVER seen anything like this before! I was so mind blown at what I had just saw as the light was so beautiful, warm, and peaceful.

Now I see stuff all the time working with my clients but this just felt so different. So I started thinking that this is him aligning completely with his purpose and bliss. This was around a week or so ago. I was doing another healing yesterday on someone and I saw a beautiful golden merkaba shift and align into her heart space! I was thinking, HOLY SHIT.  I have seen beautiful golden colors before and other amazing shifts within people during healings but this one blew me away not only for the color but for the information I was receiving just looking at it as well as all the feelings that came with it.

After that session something activated within me and I was on an energetic high! I was floating around my house pouring out tons of information that was flooding through. I actually had to go lay my heart out in the grass  to help ground all of this information.

After grounding I then felt compelled to go and record the light language that was coming through for you all! It is very important my guides said. This energy is coming in strong. It is coming in fast and THIS is the energy everyone is talking about. THIS is the shift everyone is feeling. THIS is it! It is Christ Consciousness. The awakening.

Here is the light language for you all to listen to if you feel. Click HERE Just close your eyes and breathe through out this transmission.

Sending lots of love your way.